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There’s no better feeling than starting the new portion of your life in a freshly cleaned home. Why not book quality move in cleaning services in Frisco and the surrounding area, and let the pros take care of it? North Dallas Maid Service knows how important it is to feel right at home in your new household. Plus, the cleaner we work with can also perform a comprehensive move out cleaning service too – don’t forget to leave your home clean for its new inhabitants.

Tailored house cleaning services for a personal touch

North Dallas Maid Service is here to help you prep your new household for a new life, as well as scrub down your old home and leave it fresh for its new occupants. Plus, we try to completely personalize all the cleaning services available to our clients to perfectly suit your needs. That is why we’re the leading provider of premium move in and move out cleaning services in Frisco and the surrounding areas. Your cleaners are here to clean your home as you see fit, and see you fully satisfied with their service.

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All the experienced cleaners we partner with finish their job only once they’ve looked inside even the smallest nook and the tinies cranny of your home. They always go the extra mile to ensure your home truly shines once they’re done with it. No matter if you’re after regular house cleaning, or specialized move in/move out house cleaning services – North Dallas Maid Service has got your back. We know you’ll be over the moon with the cleaners we send to your home.

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North Dallas Maid Service offers the most thorough and diverse house cleaning services:

Why should you choose North Dallas Maid Service?

Detailed cleaning

The cleaners that we send to your home use only the most modern and effective cleaning equipment that guarantees a maximum efficiency and a thoroughly clean home.

Customizable cleaning

Hire professional house cleaning in Frisco that is tailor-made for your needs. Let us know what you want us to clean and how to do it, and your cleaners will handle it.

Fully vetted cleaners

All the cleaners we dispatch to your home are carefully screened, vetted, and interviewed to ensure only the most trustworthy cleaning professionals are allowed in your household.

Hassle-free booking

We provide a completely hassle-free booking method – Visit our website, fill out the booking form, and wait for your cleaners and your address.

Your satisfaction – our priority

At North Dallas Maid Service, we prioritize total client satisfaction. The cleaners we send to your home put maximum effort into making sure every nook and cranny of your Frisco household is completely clean and properly sanitized. They work extra hard just to see you happy with their house cleaning service. However, should they miss a spot, feel free to let us know right away. If you notice any part of your home that is not per your satisfaction, contact us within the first 24 hours and we will immediately dispatch a cleaning crew to re-clean the problematic area completely free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a good house cleaning routine?

    The best way to keep your home as clean as possible is to hire a professional maid service to clean your home on a regular basis. However, if you’re set on spending your precious free time on doing it all on your own, we can help you out by providing you help with organizing a daily, weekly, and seasonal cleaning routine.

    Daily cleaning checklist

    Here’s what you should do on a daily basis if you’re looking to keep your home neat and tidy:

    • Make the bed
    • Place all dirty clothes in a hamper
    • When enough dirty clothes pile up, do a load of laundry
    • Wipe all the counters after preparing a meal
    • Wash the dishes or place them in a dishwasher
    • Declutter every day for 10 to 15 minutes
    • Wipe bathroom and kitchen sinks

    Weekly cleaning checklist

    The daily cleaning tasks will keep your home as tidy as possible. Weekly cleanings are the time when you really get down to business. You can separate your weekly cleaning tasks day-by-day, so as to minimize the time spent on each one:

    • Monday – Wash all the bed linens.
    • Tuesday – Wipe the interior of your windows.
    • Wednesday – Clean your stove.
    • Thursday – Scrub down any dirt and smudges off the walls.
    • Friday – Vacuum your furniture.
    • Saturday – Clean the exterior of your windows.
    • Sunday – Mop your tile floors and vacuum all the carpets.

    Seasonal cleaning checklist

    Finally, you need to do more thorough cleaning every season. Seasonal cleaning is mostly deep cleaning, and it requires more time and effort, so you’re best off hiring experienced house cleaning pros to help you out. However, if you still want to go it alone, here’s a checklist divided into seasons and months of the year:

    Winter – Wintertime is great for cleaning the often-neglected out-of-the-way parts of your household.

    • December – Dispose of any unused medication and empty and thoroughly wipe all the cabinets.
    • January – Clean the areas behind your dryer, washer, refrigerator, and furniture.
    • February – Steam-clean all your carpets.

    Spring – Spring is the best season for taking care of your clothing.

    • March – Empty your closets, donate all the clothes you’re no longer wearing, and reorganize your wardrobe.
    • April – Clean all your window exteriors, as well as the screens.
    • May – Wash your blankets, duvets, comforters, and other large pieces of bedding.

    Summer – Summer is great for taking care of the basement and the garage.

    • June – Reorganize and clean your basement and your garage.
    • July – Empty all the drawers and dressers, and clean the insides.
    • August – Clean all your walls, and retouch the paint if necessary.

    Fall – Fall is a good time of the year to clean your clothes and large appliances.

    • September – Reorganize your dressers for the cold season.
    • October – Deep clean your stove, refrigerator, and freezer.
    • November – Organize and consolidate your personal files.

    As you can see, a lot of work goes into properly cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your home. If that’s not something you want to waste your free time on, you can always rely on North Dallas Maid Service to take care of it for you. The cleaners we partner with perform the most detailed house cleaning services for residents of Frisco and the surrounding areas, and you can feel easy knowing your home is in good hands.

  • How do you deep clean before moving in?

    If you’ve purchased or leased a new property, it’s normal to want to make sure it’s as clean as it can be. Booking a comprehensive move in house cleaning service in Frisco and the nearby area is certainly the best option, but here’s how to ensure your new home is sparkling, room by room:

    • The kitchen – When you’re cleaning the kitchen of your new home, make sure to do the following:
      • Remove stains from kitchen cabinets and worktops.
      • Clean all the appliances.
      • Scrub down the stove and all of the accessories.
      • Don’t forget about cleaning the microwave.
      • Clean the draining board and the kitchen sink.
      • Sweep the floor and mop the floor.
    • The bedroom – When cleaning your new bedroom, ensure that you:
      • Dust the furniture.
      • Vacuum the floor and clean all the corners.
      • Vacuum underneath the bed.
      • Clean the windows and the walls.
    • The bathroom – The bathroom requires the most work. You have to:
      • Remove any cleaning and body care products, as well as the shower/bath mat.
      • Wipe all the walls and clean the tiling.
      • Wipe down all the remaining surfaces.
      • Clean the soap dishes, the shower rack, as well as the curtain and the curtain rail.
      • Use a cloth to dry all the surfaces so there are no streaks left.
      • Scrub down all the faucets and polish them.
      • Take your time when cleaning the toilet and do it as thoroughly as possible, then disinfect it.
      • Sweep and mop the bathroom floor.
    • The living room – Finally, it’s time to take care of the living room:
      • Dust all the furniture.
      • Dust the walls, the fireplace, and the ceiling, and remove any cobwebs.
      • Vacuum all the floors and the carpets.
      • Sweep and mop the floors.

    Performing a deep clean of the home you’re moving into is an extremely demanding task, and you can easily miss some crucial elements. That is why you should always hire a professional maid service to perform a thorough move in cleaning of your new home in Frisco or the surrounding area. North Dallas Maid Service will make sure you enter a shining home where all you need to do is have fun.

  • How long does it take to do a move out clean?

    Move out cleaning is a complicated process, because it has to be as comprehensive as possible to ensure that you leave your home spick-and-span for its new occupants. That is why move out cleaning services usually take longer than regular house cleaning services in Frisco.

    However, there isn’t a way to determine the duration of the move out cleaning for every household. How long a maid service will take to perform move out cleaning of your once-home in Frisco depends on three factors:

    1. The size of your home – The larger your home, the more time it will take move out cleaning professionals to tackle all the tasks.
    2. The state of your home – If you’ve recently had pros clean your home, it will take the maid service a lot less time to perform a move out clean.
    3. The experience of the cleaners – Finally, if your cleaners are experienced professionals, they will take less time to fully prep your home for moving out.


    North Dallas Maid Service is the premium provider of high-quality move out cleaning services all across Frisco and the surrounding neighborhoods. The cleaners we dispatch to your home will make quick and detailed work of any cleaning tasks, allowing you to focus all your energy on the move.

  • Who offers the best house & move in/move out cleaning service in Frisco, TX?

    It doesn’t matter if you need standard house cleaning, or you’re planning a move and you want to make sure the home you’re leaving behind is completely clean for its new occupants, or you want to have your new come top-to-bottom clean for you and your family. You need a reliable, professional maid service to ensure complete cleanliness.

    Luckily, you have North Dallas Maid Service by your side. If you’re looking for dependable professional cleaners in Frisco and the nearby areas, you can depend on us to connect you with the best cleaning professionals in the business. No matter if you’re the Museum of the American Railroad, or in the vicinity of the Northeast Community Park. We will send a cleaning crew to your location wherever you need them.

    But we do not stop there. We also provide top-quality move in & move out cleaning services in North Dallas, highly comprehensive move in/out cleaning service in Allen, as well as efficient standard house cleaning services in North Dallas. Whatever your cleaning need, you can rely on North Dallas Maid Service – your #1 local cleaning company.

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