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There’s no better way to start a new chapter in your life than in a top-to-bottom clean home. The cleaners we dispatch will perform a comprehensive move in cleaning service all across McKinney and the nearby area that will thoroughly prep your new home for you and your family. North Dallas Maid Service also offers move out cleaning services that will leave your old home spotless. We truly want to make your fresh start as carefree as possible.

Completely personalized cleaning services

Whether you’re looking for professional maid service to thoroughly scrub down your new home and prepare it for you and your family, or you want us to give your old home a detailed clean, we’re here for you. Tell us what you need, and North Dallas Maid Service will make it happen. The completely tailor-made move in/move out cleaning services in McKinney and the nearby area are something we take great pride in. We want to give you the house cleaning service you want and deserve.

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The cleaners we work with won’t rest until they’ve provided you with the most detailed move in/move out house cleaning in McKinney and the surrounding area. They have an eye for detail and a desire to give each client as detailed a house cleaning as possible. North Dallas Maid Service takes great pride in the professional cleaners we partner with, and we are certain they will do all they can to make your home shine.

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North Dallas Maid Service provides a wide variety of comprehensive house cleaning services:

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Detailed cleaning

The cleaning crew that arrives at your home will use the most modern cleaning solutions to ensure your home gets truly spotless in as little time as possible.

Customizable cleaning

Book a maid service in KcKinney that provides a personalized cleaning service. Tell us what you want cleaned, and how, and your cleaners will make swift work of it.

Fully vetted cleaners

We take great effort when carefully screening all cleaners before dispatching them to your home. We know just how worrisome it can be to allow strangers into your household.

Hassle-free booking

Hiring move in/move out house cleaning is totally easy with our online booking solutions. Just visit the website, fill out a form, and wait for the cleaners to come.

Your satisfaction – our priority

Our ultimate aim is for our clients to be completely satisfied with the house cleaning services rendered. It doesn’t matter if you're looking for a professional move in cleaning, premium move out cleaning services, or regular house cleaning for your home in McKinney or the nearby area – You cleaners will give it their all to see you smiling. However, if they happen to miss a spot, don’t hesitate to let us know. Contact us within the first 24 hours and we’ll dispatch a cleaning crew that will fully re-clean the areas of your home you’re not satisfied with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is move-in cleaning?

    Move in house cleaning is a specialized type of professional house cleaning that ensures your new home is completely clean and sanitized, ready for you and your family to move in and begin your new life. Move in cleaning is a demanding service and you should only hire the most experienced professionals for the job.

    The move in cleaning services you want to book should be as detailed and as thorough as possible so as to make sure you’re moving into a completely clean home. North Dallas Maid Service offers the most comprehensive move in cleaning service in all of McKinney and the nearby areas. The cleaners we send to your home will make sure it’s sparkling once you arrive.

  • How do professionals clean a house?

    When you hire a professional house cleaning service, you need to know what to expect. Here’s how an experienced maid service in McKinney and the surrounding area should go about cleaning your home.

    • Emptying the trash and replacing trash bags
    • Dusting baseboards and removing cobwebs
    • Dusting ceiling fans
    • Wiping down doors and cleaning window sills
    • Dusting furniture
    • Thoroughly cleaning glass surfaces including window smudges
    • Disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms
    • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping all floors
    • Cleaning the kitchen
    • Wiping down kitchen cabinet facings
    • Polishing stainless steel and glass surfaces in your kitchen

    However, the cleaning list should be a bit more detailed for initial cleaning, as well as a move in cleaning service. Your cleaners should also add the following tasks to their to-do:

    • Wet washing doors and baseboards
    • Cleaning light fixtures
    • Cleaning wall hangings
    • Cleaning vents
    • Removing books and cleaning shelves
    • Cleaning the inside of the freezer/refrigerator
    • Cleaning the inside of the oven
    • Cleaning the inside of all the cabinetry
    • Cleaning the inside of closets and drawers
    • Cleaning windows

    North Dallas Maid Service offers the most comprehensive house and move in/move out cleaning service in all of McKinney and the nearby area. The cleaners we send out can do all on this list and more, since there are plenty of options for additional cleaning services. Whatever you need doing, your cleaners are more than capable of doing so.

  • What’s included in a move out clean?

    When you hire a professional house cleaning service to take care of thoroughly wiping down your old McKinney home to get it ready for its new occupants, you should know what that kind of maid service includes.

    • Living room and bedroom – A professional move out cleaning service must incorporate individual bedroom cleans, which includes cleaning of baseboards, light switches, dusting and removing of cobwebs, as well as cleaning of the ceiling fans.
    • Doors and baseboards – Experienced house cleaning pros will clean all your baseboards and doors throughout the house when you hire a move out cleaning service.
    • Trash – They will also take out all the trash you may have left behind.
    • Windows – Nobody likes cleaning windows, but the professionals will clean the interiors of all your windows during move out cleaning.
    • Floors – They will clean all the floors as well by sweeping and mopping tile and wood floors, and vacuuming your carpets.
    • Bathroom – Your bathroom will get both a cleaning and a disinfection, including the toilet bowl, the tank, the tub, the sink, and the shower.
    • Laundry room and kitchen – Finally, when you hire a professional maid service to do thorough move out cleaning, you can expect them to clean all your appliances, disinfect your counters, as well as clean the stove and all the cabinets.

    North Dallas Maid Service cleaning partners do all of this, but also offer additional cleaning services in case you need them. We take pride in a highly customizable cleaning experience, so anything you want goes, and your cleaners will take care of it.

  • Who provides the finest move in/move out & house cleaning service in McKinney, TX?

    If you’re moving, and you’re looking for a dependable, qualified, and experienced local cleaning agency to help make your transition smooth, you won’t go wrong with North Dallas Maid Service. No matter where you are in McKinney, whether near Gabe Nesbitt Community Park, or close to Chestnut Square Historic VIllage, your cleaners will provide you with the best house cleaning experience in all of McKinney and the nearby areas.

    But there’s still more with the North Dallas Maid Service. The cleaners we partner with do premium house cleaning services all across North Dallas, TX, as well as detailed move in/move out cleaning service in North Dallas and the surrounding area. Contact us today and be one step closer to a sparkling home.

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