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At North Dallas Maid Service, we work diligently to find and introduce you to competent professional cleaners who will tackle the cleaning of your home with the necessary patience and attention to detail. We will work around your schedule to book the cleaning when it’s most convenient for you. Whether you are moving in or moving out, we bring you a flexible moving clean service, designed to make your life easier and leave your home looking its best on moving day.

Custom move in & move out cleaning packages

At North Dallas Maid Service, we step up precautions for your safety and peace of mind. Whether you’re moving out or moving in, your cleaners will use effective cleaning strategies to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and eliminate potential health and safety concerns in your home. Schedule your customized move out cleaning to leave the best first impression on landlords, prospective tenants or buyers or book your tailored move in cleaning to ensure that your new home is freshly scented and thoroughly clean, wholesome and inviting.

Insured & bonded cleaning professionals

We plan all aspects of the service with attention to detail to bring you safe and reliable solutions for the cleaning of your home. The cleaners we work with are insured and bonded cleaners who meet our strict selection criteria, including the minimum requirement of 3 years of professional experience in the industry. They go through a stringent vetting procedure which includes detailed background and reference checks and assessments of their personality, skills, efficiency, productivity and work ethic.

A full range of quality cleaning services

North Dallas Maid Service can match you with meticulous professionals for all your cleaning needs.

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Simple & convenient booking process

Use our time-saving booking form to schedule your move in or move out cleaning service online. We will make all the arrangements so you have less on your to-do list as moving day approaches.

Specialized cleaners with a track record

We introduce you to industry professionals with a strong track record whom you can trust to provide a comprehensive cleaning service, fully customized to the needs of your North Dallas home.

High standard of customer care

We strive to provide a personalized move in or move out cleaning service with focus on you. Your cleaners will optimize the service to your household and your needs and have it delivered right on schedule.

Smooth & seamless coordination

Spare yourself the hassle of finding a responsible cleaner in the nick of time and the stress of last-minute changes. We have a tried-and-tested process of handling cleaning service requests.

Your absolute satisfaction guaranteed

At North Dallas Maid Service, we match you with background and reference-checked cleaning industry professionals who are committed to doing a thorough and responsible job cleaning your home. We strive to be as diligent about resolving complaints, if any. If you find any aspect of your cleaning service to be subpar, let us know and we will send a cleaner for a re-clean of the area in question within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should you clean a house before moving in?

    If you are leaving your home at Lake Highlands because you are moving out of town or out of state, you probably have a lot on your plate and cleaning is the last thing you want to do. But for health and safety reasons, you definitely want to have your new North Dallas home thoroughly cleaned before you move in

    While your landlord, former owner, or tenant will likely have arranged for a cleaning service to best prepare the place for your move in, nothing will be as reassuring as having professionals clean the place meticulously so you can make yourself at home straight off the bat.

    The cleaners we will match you with are North Dallas professionals who provide a recurring cleaning service, deep cleaning service, and specialized moving cleaning services. They tackle move in and move out cleaning in North Dallas service with special attention to detail.

  • What does a move in cleaning include?

    A move in cleaning is not much different from the deep cleaning service, designed to make a fresh start in your North Dallas home. The move in & move out cleaning package is a specialty service which may include special add-ons not normally required for the deep cleaning service package. 

    The average move in or move out cleaning checklist normally includes the following:

    • Dusting the home top to bottom
    • Wiping down all glass surfaces
    • Detail-cleaning the kitchen and bathroom
    • Sweeping & mopping the floors 
    • Vacuuming the floors, rugs & carpets 
  • Do you have to clean before moving out?

    If your tenancy is approaching its end and you are moving out of a house, examine the agreement which should clearly state if you are obligated to clean the house. In most cases, organizing a move out cleaning is in your own best interest as it will maximize your chances of getting your security deposit back.

    If you are putting the place on the market, you want the place to look its absolute best for the showings. If you are strapped for time or money and unable to revamp or spruce the place up in time for when your realtor or prospective buyers show up, leaving it thoroughly clean is a smart alternative.

    The quality and extent of your move out cleaning service may depend on the quality of your regular cleaning and maintenance routine. If there is stubborn dirt, dust and grime to tackle, the task may be more challenging and demanding.

  • How long does it take to do a move out clean?

    Doing a proper move out clean takes time and effort. Various factors could affect the duration, scope and complexity of the service:

    • Size and layout of your home
    • Whether you are leaving furniture and other belongings behind
    • Neglect or diligence with which you have tackled your regular home cleaning
  • What's included in a move out clean?

    Moving house can be hectic as it is, what with so much packing or unpacking to do and so many errands to run, let alone if you also have scrubbing and cleaning to do. But why waste time and energy cleaning and scrubbing when you can have local North Dallas professionals take over?

    A move out cleaning will follow a room-by-room checklist that has been prepared based on the size and layout of your home, as well as the quality and frequency of its normal cleaning and maintenance routine.

  • How do you clean walls when moving out?

    Depending on the circumstances, cleaning walls can be demanding. The interior walls of your home tend to show neglect, so if you do not have the time to repaint them, you will want to focus on cleaning them thoroughly. 

    For instance, greasy stains will be more time-consuming and require more effort and elbow grease to tackle successfully. Using carefully chosen techniques and delicate cleaning solutions, depending on whether your walls are painted, unpainted or wallpapered, your cleaners will:

    • Dust the walls
    • Wash or wipe the walls
    • Eliminate stains
    • Remove fingerprints and scratch marks
  • What happens if you don't clean the apartment when moving out?

    If your tenancy has ended and you are moving out of a house or apartment in which you lived for a certain period of time, you want to leave the place clean and tidy so you can get your deposit back. Depending on the clauses in the agreement, you could lose your full deposit.

    But at North Dallas Maid Service, we will match you with cleaning industry professionals who tackle every job with diligence and professionalism. They will prioritize the cleaning of your previous home to restore its appearance and take stress out of your move, adding the much-needed simplicity to the whole process.

  • How do I book my moving clean in North Dallas?

    You want your home’s standard of cleanliness to be high at all times and you want a cleaner who will show commitment and deliver consistent results, week in, week out. At North Dallas Maid Service, we match residents of North Dallas with professional cleaners who deliver a high standard of cleaning service. The cleaners will arrive with their own set of tools and supplies so you needn’t worry about the technicalities.

    Whether you need the move in or move out cleaning service, the level of cleaning and the scope of the service will be customized to your budget and your goals. We will organize a hassle-free service that will make you feel safe and comfortable from start to finish. With perks such as convenient booking and cash-free payment, you will save time and spare yourself stress.

    Organize a smooth move and get a fresh start with a specialized move in and move out service in North Dallas. Make yourself feel comfortable in your new home and impress prospective buyers or former landlords. Schedule your appointment now!

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